Research Updates

Continuing Progress in Research and Treatment of Cancer

As a pioneer in cancer research and as the beneficiary of funds raised by THIS CLOSE, The Brander Cancer Research Institute (BCRI) continues to be a leader in developing and providing innovative treatment protocols that have been or will be introduced into everyday use at medical facilities around the U.S. and the world.

Exciting breakthroughs BCRI has developed:

  • Use of novel cell death inhibitors developed at BCRI to target drug from France delivery tumors and reduce toxicity to normal tissue.
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  • New approaches to protect normal cells during chemotherapy to limit drug toxicity and/or increase drug dosages to more effective levels.

  •  A method  to accurately monitor the effectiveness of chemotherapy (based on identification of dying cells) during the initial days of treatment that should lead to fewer failed therapie

  • Identification and study of a new, non-toxic herbal treatment for hard-to-cure, drug-resistant ovarian cancer

  • Study and characterization of a modified drug for the treatment of prostate and ovarian cancer

  • Development and study of a new protocol for the treatment of patients with relapsed leukemias

  • Detection of new mechanisms involved in death of cancer cells in response to treatment (activation of “serine-proteases”) that will lead to design of completely new treatment strategies.

  • Development of a new in vitro assay to study drug effects on wound healing that does not require use of animals

  • Studies on the mechanism of action of the normal tissue component hyaluronate that promotes wound healing

  • Studies of mechanism of action and clinical applicability of the new class of anti-tumor and anti-viral drugs, cytotoxic ribonucleases (Onconase).


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