Annual Report

2001: New developments at BCRI

As a pioneer cancer research and as the beneficiary of funds raised by This Close, The Brander Cancer Research Institute (BCRI) has been a leader in providing innovative protocols that are used every day at 
medical facilities around the world.

Among some of the exciting breakthroughs this year, BCRI has:

1. Developed a method to recognize cells that undergo apoptosis based on the DNA damage in these cells.

2. Developed an entirely new type of reagent that detects the activation of  proteolytic enzymes called caspases.

3. Developed a new approach to protect people from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy.

4. Testing a new drug called ONCONASE for use in treating Mesothelioma.

5. Made significant studies of the antitumor herbal drug called PC-SPES.

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