1. All donations are tax deductible as THIS CLOSE is a recognized 501(c)3 non profit organization.
2. THIS CLOSE is an all volunteer non-profit organizations with no paid employees.
3. The overhead expenses for THIS CLOSE are minimal as almost all products and services are donated.
4. All donations go directly to fund cancer research projects at the Brander Cancer Research Institute at
NYMC with only 5% administrative expenses.
5. We are proud to have dedicated scientists who work tirelessly to find a cure for cancer and have made significant breakthroughs.
6. All research focuses on the development of new drug and treatment programs for all forms of cancer.
7. Fellowships for gifted scientists who can do the research and identify new treatments for all types of cancers.
8. Funding for the preliminary data is needed in order to qualify for the larger grants needed to fund the final stages of the research from National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health and other funding organizations.
9. Our research has been published in scholarly medical journals and speaking engagements at international symposiums on our research findings.
10. Protocol treatments developed at the Brander Cancer Research Institute are used nationwide at leading medical schools and hospitals.

The BRCI researchers are recognized as world leaders in the field of cancer research and cell biology. During the past 10 years they published over 250 research papers, edited/co-authored seven books and were invited over 240 times to present results of their studies at national or international meetings, symposia and congresses. They are Editors or Members of the Editorial Boards of over a dozen scientific journals. They hold several patents and, as mentioned, the methods they developed, are used around the world.